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How to increase the hardness of plastic hollow plate_Qingdao Histar Industry Co., Ltd

In order to prevent damage during use, plastic hollow plates need to pay special attention to their hardness. Some hollow plate customers in particular need to increase the hardness of the product, encounter this situation should be how to deal with, how to increase the hardness of plastic hollow plate, today, Qingdao Histar Industry small make up for everyone to say in detail:


1, the built-in steel frame is placed, but the steel frame is limited to the frame of the hollow plate box, there is no overall reinforcement;

2, the whole built-in wire support frame;

3, increase the weight of the hollow plate, but can not simply increase the hardness, to ensure toughness. The use of raw materials with high purity, high purity of raw materials, the less recycled materials added, the greater the hardness;

4, the processing process

Glass fiber, carbon fiber and other things that can enhance performance, abs materials, toughening agents, mineral fillers, such as calcium carbonate, talc powder, wollastonite, glass fiber, glass beads, after all, their surface hardness is high, low oil absorption value.

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