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Factors influencing the molding of hollow plate turnover box_Qingdao Histar Industry Co., Ltd

Qingdao Histar Industry now has 2 extrusion production lines, 1 granulation production line, can produce large width of 2100mm, thickness of 2mm-5mm of various specifications, various colors of environmentally friendly hollow plate turnover box, can meet the requirements of large customers on the size of hollow plate, the company has a mature technical team and professional operators, With its supporting die-cutting, nail box, printing and other processing, product quality has been praised by customers all over the country. The following is a small series of industry and trade to introduce what factors in the production will have an impact on the molding of hollow plate turnover box:


First, processing equipment will affect the quality of hollow plate turnover box, raw materials and process parameters will also affect, in the search for faults, in order to reasonably locate the location of the fault, should start from the process parameters, one by one to change one, pay attention to the production of hollow plate turnover box can not change a variety of process parameters.

Second, for the same type of hollow plate turnover box, sometimes different molding failures can be solved in the same way, because they may be caused by the same reason. Therefore, when summarizing the cause and solution of the failure, the enterprise should summarize the cause mechanism and countermeasures of the first failure, and only make a simple description of the failure of the hollow plate turnover box. Therefore, before determining the elimination plan of a fault, you can first look at the causes and elimination methods of the fault under other forming conditions, and then reasonably judge the cause of the failure of the hollow plate turnover box.

Third, hollow plate turnover box enterprises in the summary of forming reasons and solutions, in general, will involve a variety of causes and countermeasures, so as far as possible in accordance with the primary and secondary order of the causes of failure, but in the development of troubleshooting plans, according to the actual hollow plate processing fault situation, in accordance with the principle from easy to difficult, from low to high, consider all aspects of the factors, Determine a reasonable solution to the problem of hollow plate turnover box.

Qingdao Histar Industry can provide customized hollow plate production according to customer needs, and customized hollow plate turnover boxes of different sizes according to customer requirements, convenient and practical, if necessary, you can call for detailed consultation.

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