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Whether winter will affect the performance of hollow plate turnover box_Qingdao Histar Industry Co., Ltd

The weather is very cold, many plates are very easy to fracture in cold weather, and hollow plate turnover box as one of the very important plate materials, its use is also very extensive, so hollow plate turnover box in cold weather will also be the same as other plates fracture phenomenon? The following is a small edition of multi-force industry and trade:


The answer is: No.

Because it has good cold resistance, because the molding of the hollow plate is much higher than other plates, there will be no freezing in cold weather, resulting in the fracture of the plate, and the bearing strength and hardness are also high, so it can also be used normally in cold weather. Not only that, hollow plate turnover box also has good heat insulation, it can be used as a kind of thermal insulation plate, to protect some afraid of cold objects affected by cold weather.

From this we can see that even in cold weather, the performance of the hollow plate turnover box will not be affected, and even can play a greater role.

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